Can I die today?!

I feel like dying today. I really need you right now and you’re too busy with your work. Oh, how I hate your work. I know it was once in a year thing that you were ok those 5 minutes at the phone this morning, but I also know that me feeling awful was the reason that you were so ok, and not nervous and busy as usually.

I really need a man right now, in these moments with me. Not for loving or sex or stuff like this, but for hugging me and keeping me in his arms in bed.

I do not know what I did, but I have a horrible headache, my left eye hurts, my teeth and everything.

I’m ok with you , is just sex and that’s it but in these kind of moments I NEED A TRUE MAN TO STAND BESIDE ME.

Can I throw myself out of the window? My head hurts so bad and I really feel like dying. I didn’t sleep last night, I woke up with a bigger ‘head pain’ (head pain= eyes+teeth+brain aches).

I think somebody cursed me for all these days of vacation. Nice vacation I have, huh?! Do you still envy me now?

If you could bring Burke to hold my hand right now, just let me know!

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  1. iif you didn’t sleep last night, how did you wake up with a bigger ‘head pain’ ? da’ pe de alta parte: nu conteaza, conteaza doar sa-ti treaca … asa ca asta-ti urez.


  2. intrebare…cacviula de care pomenesti este pe modelul ala rusesc? stii tu…cu „urechi” 🙂 zic si eu …
    by the way zice-se ca sexul…are tendinta de a „rezolva”treaba cu migrena.
    si ca tot veni vorba de dureri de cap cica omul de neandertal cu a lui consoarta:
    – hai sa ne sexam! zice el
    -n-am chef! zice ea.
    el se supara,pune mana pe ciomag si ii arde una in cap. dupa care zice:
    -hai sa ne sexam!
    -nu pot!raspunde ea
    -de ce?
    -ma doare capul.


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